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Our Process

          Step 1: UNDERSTAND YOU

          The first thing Hassan Oldham Wealth Advisors do is listen! "Face Time" is still in fashion here. Our aim is to understand your personal and financial goals, fears, time horizon, experiences, and tolerance for risk. The purpose of this step is to gauge the specific nature of your unique needs and to fully understand where you are in the wealth management process, and in life.


          In this step, we work with you and coordinate other appropriate professionals to prepare a strategy for reaching your goals. There are two important considerations at this stage: how to allocate resources between various goals and how to appropriately manage the investment of those resources. The plan that is developed will evolve over time as we move through the wealth management phases of building, preserving and distributing wealth. Once a plan is formulated, we work with you to be sure that you understand the strategy and are comfortable with it.

          Step 3: AGREE AND IMPLEMENT

          To gain financial independence, setting goals and developing and executing strategies to meet these goals are the keys to success. When implementing your strategies, you will benefit if you are disciplined in times of market turbulence and flexible when situations call for adjustments. Hassan Oldham Wealth Advisors works with you through the wealth management process to stay focused on priorities, implement strategies, and adjust as necessary over time.

          Step 4: MONITOR

          Systematically, we monitor progress to make sure you are on track with your goals. One component of this step is to monitor investments and overall investment allocation, and to make adjustments as necessary. Hassan Oldham Wealth Advisors leads this process for you, working with both outside consultants as well as an internal due diligence team to fully evaluate selections and allocations over time. As a member of your professional team, Hassan Oldham Wealth Advisors works with you to coordinate the guidance and counsel of tax, legal, and other professionals to help you pursue your goals.


          Hassan Oldham Wealth Advisors understands that as your personal life changes, so does your financial life. Communicating any new needs or life challenges is imperative to maintaining a proper overall plan. Sometimes, you may not even know that new life events require a change in your overall financial strategy. Through open dialogue and regular reviews, we strive to help you grow, protect, enjoy and pass on your wealth.